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  • April 8, 2019
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I would wish to welcome you to our website which you will find a lot of information about The Actuarial Society of Kenya, the members categories, the number of members, the benefits of being members, industry opportunities, internship, how to be a member and many other information on actuarial profession. TASK is the only registered body under the societies act as a professional body for actuaries in Kenya with an aim to position the Actuarial Profession in Kenya and the region as the leading profession in the areas of modeling and management of financial risks and contingent events.

1 comments on “A word from the President, Mr. Moses Murengu Mutuli FIA, FeASK

  1. Hello,
    My name is Joseph Sosi. I am a journalist working as a correspondent for the Standard Newspaper-Hashtag Magazine that focuses on Higher Education Matters.

    This week we are working on an informative story regarding Actuarial Science training, the job market dynamics and seeking to have a voice of industry leaders as the TASK president on the following;
    1. As at April 2017, Kenya had only 7 actuaries, making 46-the total number of actuaries in East Africa. What are the numbers today (2019)?
    2. If we had only 7, as mention above, what does it mean? Where do graduates go or rather what do they become after their training?
    3. Kindly let us know; what are some of the activities that one would get involved in while training in Actuary so as to be ready for the job market, as opposed to awaiting graduation.
    4. What is TASK doing to make sure that they become more vibrant or rather to grow the numbers of members who are already in active employment, given a majority are students.
    5. Why is it that Consultancy services are the main employers of most of TASK members, what does this imply?

    I look forward to your response.
    Thank you.

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