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  • April 8, 2019
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On 2nd February 2018, in the presence of practicing actuaries across the region, a big step was taken towards making operationalisation of AAEA a reality through a ‘Train-the-Trainer’ program.

At Panafric Hotel, Nairobi, the congregated team was taken through new skills, methods and procedures that involve training by Holly Bakke, Esq – an American attorney who once served as Commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance. Ms Bakke now serves as Principal with Strategic Initiatives Management Group, travelling globally, advising on financial services, banking and insurance regulation, and management of impaired companies.

“The most important element in training is the trainer. The trainer who is enthusiastic, energetic and genuinely interested in both the subject and getting his or her message across will evoke the greatest response from the trainees,” she said.

AAEA is expected to tackle all phases of actuarial development (insurance, pension, investment and banking), to support qualification of actuaries and actuarial analysts, to provide continuing education, to develop specialisation to meet market demands such as reserving and pricing, to conduct research, to promote professionalism and to set best practise in actuarial work.

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