TASK VIRTUAL INDUSTRY TALK: Can Cell Captives Boost the Cause of Microinsurance in Kenya?

Wangeci Mathenge is a product actuary at Inclusivity Solutions and is responsible for developing new insurance product and pricing concepts that meet Inclusivity Solutions’ distribution partner objectives. She will share her presentation on “Can Cell Captives Boost the Cause of Microinsurance in Kenya?” 

Webinar: Actuarial Possibilities through Society of Actuaries (SOA)

The Society of Actuaries (SOA) and The Actuarial Society of Kenya (TASK), in partnership with the Actuarial Students’ Association of Kenya (ASSK), will host a webinar on Actuarial possibilities through SOA.

The webinar is targeting Actuarial Science students in Kenya and regional markets, and TASK’s standard members that are still pursuing options in their actuarial careers and qualifications.

WEBINAR: Practical Implications of ESG Risks

The Taskforce on ESG, supported by TASK and FSD Africa, will hold its inaugural webinar on 25 February 2022 at 1230hrs EAT through Microsoft Teams.

During the webinar, the Taskforce will demystify the ESG term by articulating the Environmental, Social, and Governance risks, where the risks apply in financial institutions, and the factors of assessing companies’ ESG performance.


About the Professionalism Seminar: This interactive two-hour session will utilise storytelling, short case studies, and participant polling to address a series of professionalism topics related to all areas of the actuarial practice in Africa. This includes common concerns such as: management pressure, when colleagues disagree, am I qualified, what is proprietary, and working outside your area of expertise.