The Actuarial Society of Kenya was founded in 1993, and officially launched in 2005. It brings together qualified and trainee actuaries in professional, educational and research organisations with an aim of promoting the actuarial profession in Kenya, and the regional markets.

Our vision

To position the Actuarial Profession in Kenya and the region as the leading profession in the areas of modeling and management of financial risks and contingent events.

Our mission

  • To elevate the status and promote the advancement and best interests of the actuarial profession in Kenya;
  • To unite members of the actuarial profession in Kenya into one general body;
  • To play an active role in actuarial education and training and the development of local actuarial expertise;
  • To develop and uphold the highest professional standards and guidance for its members in relation to the practice of the actuarial profession and secure for them such professional standing as may assist them in the discharge of their duties;
  • To promote knowledge and research in all matters relevant to actuarial science and its application in Kenya and in the East and Central African region;
  • To promote and improve the education of present and future financial consumers and raise public interest issues;
  • To consider the actuarial aspects of legislation, existing and proposed, and to take such action as considered desirable;
  • To establish links with groups or Societies in any part of the world with similar objects to those of the Society;
  • To do all such other lawful things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects.

What benefits do you get as a member of TASK?

  • Recognition: Membership to TASK enables one to be recognised by employers and regulators as a professional.
  • Networking: TASK offers great opportunities for networking with peer groups and like-minded individuals, locally and globally, leading to more personal growth in the profession. This is through forums such as conventions, industry talks, end year parties and working party meetings.
  • Career development: TASK has various working parties that enable members to discuss industry issues within the profession. This gives one an opportunity to learn, develop and reflect on the topics discussed.
  • Regulations: As a profession body, we work with regulators to ensure confidence of the public and with the International Actuarial Association (IAA) which monitors our standards.
  • Other resources: Through membership, individuals are able to attend premium events at reduced rates, get free access to newsletters and magazines.

Working Parties