The TASK’s Education Working Party held a webinar on 21st August 2020 to deliberate on Minimum Education Standards draft that will address the concern on quality standards of Actuarial Science courses in Kenya universities and the likely risk on the reputation of the actuarial profession.

The webinar was attended by Heads of Actuarial departments in Kenyan universities, Kenyan education stakeholders, and TASK members.

During the webinar, which was conducted by TASK’s President, addressed the following:

  1. Quality of Actuarial Students.
  2. Quality of Actuarial Trainers.
  3. Actuarial Curriculum.

The intention is for the Council of the TASK to use these guidelines for accreditation of actuarial courses, in consultation with the Commission of University Education (CUE), to the applying institutions.

TASK takes note of the recent court ruling giving CUE authority to accredit university courses. Even though the Minimum Education Standards were originally drafted in March 2020, before this court ruling, it is the intention of TASK to abide by the new guideline and will make the necessary change to highlight the fact that CUE will authorise the Actuarial Courses at universities.

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